Southern H-ATLAS Regions Ks-band Survey (SHARKS)

SHARKS is a wide and deep VISTA public survey over the SGP and GAMA Herschel-ATLAS (H-ATLAS) fields in the Ks band covering ~ 300deg sq. to a 5-sigma depth of Ks ~ 22.7 magAB in 1,200 hours. The fields in SHARKS have been and will be covered by a number of future deep and/or wide far-IR and radio surveys. Our motivations are:
  1. To provide the best possible counterpart identification for ~ 90 % of the sources detected at 0 < z < 3 by H-ATLAS, ASKAP, SKA and LOFAR
  2. To produce a sample of a thousand strong lenses for cosmography studies.
  3. To study the evolution of the most massive structures in the Universe..
The depth of the deepest available observations over the proposed fields (VIKING survey, 5sigmaKs < 21.2 magAB) is not enough to accomplish any of these aims. The SHARKS fields will also overlap with future LSST (optical) and EUCLID (near-IR - but not Ks) observations, representing a perfect complementary dataset with an enormous legacy.